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at the texas store about the company's breastfeeding policy. >>> more to get to for you tonight. a massive funeral for the north korean leader, kim jong-il. thousands crowded to the capital and hear the words they have been waiting to hear. also, how a five-year-old rang up a $500 bill on his mom's iphone without even knowing her password. and a major solar storm is set to hit within days. all that is coming up, and then on "nightline." >> i'm terry moran. up next, viral internet videos , from david at the dentist to charlie bit my finger. are parents going too far? and we go to a remote nature preserve, and an attempt to restore a lost >> closed captioning brought to >> closed captioning brought to >>> king gung u.n was declared -- kim gung u.n. was declared the leader, and it started with a 21-gun salute. kim jong-un over looked the pea -- pyong square. the square was packed with mourners. >>> an internet watchdog group is suing the department of homeland security. the electronic privacy information center wants to know what the agency is doing with information it gathers on facebook and
. >> el departamento de seguridad de texas pide ver por la inseguridad tenemos detalles . >> los lazos de miles que viven en estados unidos con méxico son fuertes a pesar , los camiones que van a méxico salen a tiempo pero llenos de gente . >> las termianels en estados unidos que dan servicio a méxico, no ven disminuir el negocio . >> se van llenos de pasajes los incidentes en los que criminales matan pasajeros en méxico no asustan muchos lo toman como recigancion . >> si me toca me toca no más . >> incluso en esta época las salidas aumentas . >> a pesar que el departamento de seguridad de texas dice que hay que evitar . >> voy a monterrey y no me ha pasado anda . >> para muchos es preocupante pero la vida tiene que seguir dicen . >> ellos van por necesidad a visitar a los familiares se encomiendan y regresan igual . >> mientras incidentes se registran el más fuerte ayer en sinaloa en los mochis un camión es atacado a balazos . >> univisión . >> al regreso . >> quedan días para el tps (temporary protection status) tendremos consejos . >> se reportan para sancionar a quienes disp
waters. the dog is now in good condition. >>> a texas man didn't get away with much of anything during a recent robbery attempt. surveillance cameras caught the thief stealing an empty cash register from a fast food register. police later found him and arrested him on suspected theft charges. >>> around the country nursing mothers held what they call nurse-ins. this happening at target stores. it happened last month when a nursing mother in texas said she was treated rudely by confrontational target employees who removed her to a fitting room. she since has started a facebook page which launched the nationwide demonstration against restrictive corporate breast-feeding policies. >>> and finally, 40-degree weather didn't stop one group of friends from having a good time on a new york lake. they braved frigid continues to feed what they call their water skiing addiction. i think one of them had a santa hat on, too. got to love that. >>> for a look at your national and regional weather, here's nbc meteorologist bill karins with your weather channel forecast. good morning to you, bill. 40 d
and they are reputable. i recommend you check them out. vern >> of the old lady sfax continue for santa texas sen california and the holiday lull. i have the highlights. did not look. of all hist >>catherine: coming up, our new year's eve party. is the only local count on shot will be hosting along with gary radnich. we will have the fireworks and take you to a lot of parties. it all begins new year's eve at 11:30 p.m.. >>catherine: it look at tonight's big stories. >> the genie is installing new street lights after two violent sexual assaults in the area. the new street lamps are going in on the fair oaks. neighbors in the area complained during a community meeting of a lack of lighting that could have led to the attacks. >> in san jose the number of homicides have nearly doubled what they were this time a year ago. police say there have been 38 homicides so far this year compared with 20 this time a year ago. investigators say there is no hard and fast explanation although they do say that 18 of the killings were gang-related with gang violence speaking at the end of this summer. >>haaziq: on l
for one in the bowl games. we're taking you to the holiday bowl, san diego tonight. cal against the texas longhorns. second quarter, texas is up, but not for long. it's 10-7. then in the third quarter, it was a jekyll and hyde performance. zach maynard losing it there. sacked six times. cal turned it over five times, and a ramped up texas longloerns turned it into points -- longhorns turn today into points. david ash, 27 points to goodwin, and that was that. 21-10, texas on top of cal, which finishes the year at seven and six. >>> a's general manager billy bean has done it again. he's traded away another big name. today, andrew bailey, he's the closer. he's now going to be the closer for the boston red sox. traded along with ryan sweeney for three players. you could call them three prospects. so four pitching staff members are gone, the entire outfield is dismantled. and look at the bottom line right there. billy beane has pretty much saved almost $20 million. but look what he's giving it up. the fire sale, as it continues. >>> nfl former wide receiver, tarell owens, has thrown his name i
inventory and to oklahoma city in preparation for filling orders for the texas market place out of that facility. after the storm passed through, we were down for a very brief time. we used generators and we have enough gasoline to run them. we ran them for a week, so instantaneously, it was back up and running. it was one of the few places to have electricity to function. there were several pieces that were extremely important about this. since we were one of the few places that have electricity, we were able to organize food programs for not only our employees, but for both the police department and the fire department have found refuge in finding hot meals where we were. we also have the ability to house at a set up a nursery for our employees. since they had no services where they were, they would come to our facility. we would feed them, we gave them gasoline to get people to jobs, and we were kind of a full- service facility. one thing you can imagine, we have tremendous employee loyalty in that facility. i am not uncommon to have 40 years, it is kind of a trade within our
to the holiday bowl. waiting for them in san diego the texas longhorns who work ronde their jumping. second quarter watch david ash, the longhorns with the reverse. jackson, shipley, goes in for the touchdown. horns take a 7-3 lead. bears have the answer. get together outside. take itself in from six yards up. cal up 10-7. it's ash finding goodwin for a 47-yard touchdown. texas takes care of the bears 21-10. >>> hot stove. the a's trade away players like gift cards, today they sent bailey to boston along with ryan sweeney. bailey saved 24 games last season in oakland. in return the a's get 24-year- old out fielder josh reddick and two minor leaguers. >>> it's time for the wednesday night top five. air force with the extra point to tie it in the military bowl. instead's call a fake. the pitch is wide and the kicker kick itself accidentally out of bounds. air force looses. >>> number four, victor, on the break. the hoosiers loose the first of the year. >>> chris bosh faking the jumper. goes hard to the hoop. throws it down. miami beats the bobcats. >>> james gets no love. dunks on behinder so
in monterey and started breastfeeding publicly. a texas mom was hassled by target employees for nursing her baby while christmas shopping. >> i think that we wanted to mount support for the mom in texas for how she was treated. raise awareness of breastfeeding in general. try and get people more comfortable with seeing it done in public. >> target's company policy says mothers are welcome to breast-feed in public areas without being made to feel uncomfortable. >>> they're back. one month after being uprooted by police from frank ogawa plaza, occupy oakland has set up camp again in west oakland. there are more than a dozen tents occupying the area dubbed the cypress triangle. >> persistent enough. we have something worth saying, and say it well. then you need a place to do that. >> the group will be meeting tonight to discuss plans on taking over a vacant building as occupy oakland headquarters. no word how mayor ckwan plans t tackle this one. >>> one sports stadium's plans is flying under the raid yaur. the san francisco earthquakes, the bay area's professional soccer team, could get a gree
remarks? >> i refer people to the state of texas for the last decade and being the job creation capital of this country. if that is crony capitalism. america needs some of that. we know how to create jobs. you keep the taxes low you have a regulatory climate that is fair and predictable, a legal system that doesn't allow for oversuing. if you want to trade a democratic insider for somebody else, they are looking for an outsider a job creator. i'm the only one that is standing up to the republican side and has those qualifications. >> let's take a snapshot of where your campaign stands now. you had a strong start. a lot of enthusiasm about the candidacy, about the values what you've been able to accomplish in the state of texas. a little bit of difficulty there during the debates in the beginning. now it seems you feel you are picking up more momentum. what do you attributed that to? >> look, there has been four or five individuals who have led in the iowa polls. i think people are very unsettled. they are seeing three really strong individuals that are on the conservative side, but agai
things are going. >> reporter: then, there's texas congressman, ron paul. >> something has to change. something will change. >> reporter: who has a strong organization in iowa. and got a boost from state senator kent sorensen, an influential tea party figure. left michele bachmann's campaign to sign up for team paul. >> ron paul is in the top tier. and i'm here to help him. >> reporter: michele bachmann says that ron paul would be a dangerous president. and jon huntsman called him unelectable. sunny and dan? >> wow. definitely a war of words going on there, tahman. turning to romney now. if he wins iowa, how would that shape this whole nomination fight? >> reporter: a victory for romney in iowa would be huge. keep in mind that he has almost a 30-point lead in new hampshire, the next state to vote. and iowa voters, the caucusgoers there are very conservative. and the romney campaign would love to show he has patched up problems among conservatives in the republican party. and make it seem there's a steady drum beat to the nomination. and that romney is the inevitable nominee. >> days
around the nation are not happy with retail giant target because of the way a texas mother says she was treated while nursing her baby at the store. and action moms took today. >> some 30 mothers nursed their babies in protest. >> there is nothing wrong about it or dirty bit. it's nourishing our children. >> nursing mothers are banding together. upset at what happened to michelle hickman in texas. she claims houston target workers bullied her from breast feeding while shopping. and then, asking her to move to a private location. >> i am not going to nurse my baby in the bathroom. would you want to eat your lunch in a bathroom? >> in california and around the nation today, mothers and babies openly nursed in public to send a message to target's corporate head quarter autos so i thought i'd support. you know? and show it's normal and natural. >> target has a policy for moms who need to feed their babies and says it works hard to help nursing moms. >> there is a longstanding policy to embrace breast feeding and make our guests feel comfortable while doing so. >> it's unclear if that ot
numbers. those tickets are worth $250,000. >>> the cal bears and the fax longhorns going head -- texas longhorns going head-to-head tonight. >>> also, the oakland a's and their quest to move to the south bay. this is an rc robotic claw. my high school science teacher made me what i am today. our science teacher helped us build it. ♪ now i'm a geologist at chevron, and i get to help science teachers. it has four servo motors and a wireless microcontroller. over the last three years we've put nearly 100 million dollars into american education. that's thousands of kids learning to love science. ♪ isn't that cool? and that's pretty cool. ♪ >>> there are new questions about baseball's support for the a's possible relocation to san jose. told the chronicle that baseball commissioner bud selig has repeatedly assured him, the giants will maintain rights to santa clara county. he has not met with the giants to try to negotiate a deal. >>> the cal bears kind of ran into a buzz saw in the second half. >> they made a nice run at the end of the season to become bowl eligible. tonight's perfor
the football, then tonight's holiday ball was not for you. both cal and texas struggled in all three of the categories. both teams 7-5 and both finished under 500 in the conferences. zac maynard had issues. turned it over twice in the first half. second quarter, texas the reverse. shipley back to david ash. touchdown. 7-3 horns at the half. a real barnburner. bears with a 10-7 lead. texas a quick response. less than two minutes later, wide open, 47-yards. 14-10, texas. more maynard misery. sacked and stripped. texas recovers. cal turned it over five times tonight. i'm no genius but i know that is not good. horns capitalized. johnson, four yards up the middle. no sugar coating this game. it was not pretty. 21-10 the final. cal killed themselves all night. >> you can't go into a football game like that and expect to turn the football over and win a football game. we had our chances. comes down to what wins and loses football games and turnovers are a big key that that and we were on the wrong end of that today with five them. >> an understatement. simple formula for the raiders on sund
to bust oil town on the texas panhandle. dropped out of high school after two years and became a painter, married, had his first two children and they all waited through the years that carried the black lizard's of dust across the great plains. this was the war not topsoil of over 100,000 square miles of ravaged farmland. in november, 1933 the dust. the midwest and came back the following year burying the entire midwest again and then as far east as albany and buffalo new york. as the dust continued to blow for the rest of the decade the sky but term black and red with tongs of dust and animals and people choke to death, toddlers wander out and suffocate. and the single worst day that any of the dust bowl could remember was april 14th, 1945 palm sunday. they call it black sunday. that is when the wind of more than 80 an hour ripped the topsoil and the clafin as far away as nebraska, it dumped on the already dying town of tampa texas and woody recalled when the dust cloud hit it looked like an ocean was chomping down on a snail and the red sea was closing in on the children, he said, and
are familiar with the lean 6 sigma stuff. candidates have invited people to sign onto those pledges. a texas consultant. newt gingrich has been highlighting this. did you sign the pledge as well? >> yes, it is called a strong america now. >> i think the only person that has not is mitt romney. yesterday, on this station, we were talking with mitt romney. he said he did not know what it was. is that even remotely possible, as far as you are concerned? >> i do not know. i cannot go into his thoughts. >> he has been asked over and over to sign this. >> i know that our campaign was asked and we were happy to do it. i signed it in cedar rapids. i am a private businesswoman. i know, in my own company, if we did not continually change, continually improve, we would be out of business. that is the essence of this pledge. >> can that be applied to the federal government? >> as president of the united states, i intend to. without exception, we all recognize the federal government is bloated beyond any possible recognition. it has got to come down in size. when you have a government that spends $3.70 t
't know the mother from texas it's just a matter of everyone kind of pulling together and saying it's ok, don't feel bad about it and everybody has to feed their baby. >> we're here to offer our services to educate employees and other people and let them know you can't treat people that way. >> meanwhile, start also says it will inform all employees about the company's breast feeding policy. corrine redmond, abc2 news. >>> check out the new video out of new mexico. diners got a surprise when a sheriff's deputy crashed his car into the patio. the group standing outside waiting for a table just moments earlier. police say the deputy was on his way to a call when he was hit by another vehicle causing that cruiser to spin out, hit a snow bank and flip over. no one was seriously hurt. >>> witnesses say a driver plowed into one another after a colorado subdivision. when done the neighborhood looked like a war zone. carlos ayala, 40, witnesses say plowed into at least five cars. driving on several flat tires and bare rim. he was charged with criminal mischief and resisting arrest. no word yet o
after them now. >>> we need help. >> plus, it was a tragedy in texas. police releasing the chilling 911 call from that christmas day shooting. >>> a recall for a popular kids' toy. the safety concerns that has a company pulling build a bears off store shelves. >> fog still lingering all over the bay area. when will it clear and will we see rain? coming up, a look at your seven- day forecast after the break. their war games. tehran says this is video of a u-s aircraft carrier near the strait of hormuz. that's a >> iran says it spotted a u.s. warship spying on their war games. tehran says this is video of a u.s. aircraft carrier near the strait of hormuz. that's a key route for oil shipments and the site of a 10- day iranian military exercise. the pentagon did say that the stennis moved through the strait yesterday. iran has threatened to close the strait in response to western sanctions. >>> texas police releasing the 911 call from a christmas day shooting that left 7 dead in an apartment complex. authorities believe the caller was the shooter. take a listen. >> hello, 911. do you need h
a stand against targets across the country after a breast-feeding mother in texas said she was harassed at the store for breast feeding her baby. the national demonstration was in support for michelle hickman who was nursing her 5-month-old under a blanket when she said target employees began giving her a tough time. the mothers greeted customers as they entered the target stores telling them it's ok to breast feed in public. targets say guests who choose to breast feed in public areas of the store are welcome to do so without being made to feel uncomfortable. >> it takes a lot of mother-to-mother support. even though none of us know the mother from texas it's a matter of, everyone pulling together saying it's ok, don't feel bad about it and everyone has to feed their baby. >> reporter: meanwhile target also says it will inform all employees about the company's breast feeding policy. >>> a georgia neighbor now trying to use the -- we'll get that story? a moment. witnesses say a driver plowed into one car after another in a colorado subdivision. now police are trying to figure out what
seguridad pÚblica de texas advirtiÓ sobre los peligros dviajar en autobÚs a mÉxico durante las festividades de fin de aÑo. >> muy pronto los chÓferes de california que sean detenidos podrÁn tener opciones para que sus vehÍculos no sean confiscados. >> muere uno de los animales mÁs famosos del cine de hollywood. chita el chimpancÉ de tarzÁn. >> Éste es noticiero univisiÓn, ediciÓn nocturna. >> buenas noches vamos a hablarles de los interesantes resultados de una reciente encuesta del centro hispana. si las elecciones presidenciales fueran hoy, la )Ía idenciales fueran hoy, la por barack obama. con una importante diferencia con los republicanos. esto a pesar de las polÍticas de inmigraciÓn. >> el 97% de las personas deportadas por el gobierno de obama son hispanos. >> gente que no tiene la culpa. yo vengo de texas. lo mÁs doloroso es que queda la familia desamparada. >> este grupo muestra intenciÓn de favorecerlo, aunque mÁs de la mitad no está de acuerdo en cÓmo ha manejado el tema de los indocumentados. >> un estudio realizado revelÓ que casi 70% de los latinos prefiere
, a texas boy is about to get a new canine buddy. guide dog for the bland is sending a dog to be a buddy for a blind nine-year-old boy. natura was being trained to be a guide dog but was dropped from the training because of her fear of flying. her mission will be to help prepare the child with responsibilities involved with taking a gield dog. the nine-year-old does not know he is being surprised with a canine buddy. >> natura will be his companion. hopefully, one day, develop a guide dog. >> because of her fear of flying, she's going to be driven from san real to texas by a group of volunteer drivers. >>> new poll of iowa voters shows major shifts and changes in the first in the nation republican primary. this comes only days ahead of next week's iowa ka cusses. fox news' jennifer davis is in washington with the highlights >>> despite flurry of appearances around iowa, a new cnn time poll shows newt gingrich in a free fall. he had been under attack and says he is not surprised by the numbers. >> i think anybody who has 8 or $9 million of negative advertising, much of it false, is going
!on the heels of an alleged incident in texas -- women around the country took to the retail giant's locations to breast-feed in dubbed "nurse-ins".are you going to nurse me mommylast month mmchelle hickman says she was nursing her five month old at a target outside hhuston.she said she was in a remote area and using a blankettfor cover, but employees told hee to move to a fitting room.weeks later -- she was mong the mothers's about women everywhere all over the world that this is aving an effect upon on a daily basis. displeased by what they heard -- women showed solidarity wwth the 35-year-old by holding nurse-ins in other target in chicago --it's not about my convenience it's about his health and his comfortresponding to the incident target spokespeople say patrons are welcome to breast-feed in public areas target is aafamily oriented 3 company so if a guest chooses to breastfeed in our store target supportt it one-hundred percentthe minneapolis-based chain also apologized over the incident in texas -- and says they have spoken with hickman. i'm ninette sosa reporting from
texas says she was harassed in her local target for breastfeeding her baby. corrine redmond has more on the national nurse-in demonstration. >> reporter: moms across the country went to the target stores for the so-called nurse-in. in response to the treatment of a texas woman who claims target employees harassed her while breastfeeding her baby in the store. the moms organized after the houston-area mom says she was in the women's department at a store near her home, nursing her baby in a covered blanket. she says then the employees gave her a tough time. many mothers saying it's ok to breastfeed. target released a statement saying guests who choose to breastfeed in public areas of the store are allowed to do so without being made to feel uncomfortable. >> i thought nobody should be made to go some place else like a bathroom or something to feed their baby. and it just seems like it's -- i could bottle feed anywhere but just because i happen to be showing my breast or having my breast out even if i'm not showing it i'm supposed to go some place else? doesn't seem right to me. >> re
stores. a mother in texas said she was harassed for nursing her baby in the target store. we spoke to one woman at a target in sterling, virginia, who wanted to show her support. it's a hard thing nursing a baby. it's incredibly difficult. we do it with friends who don't approve, with friends who doecht understand. i don't want people looking at me cross eyed when i'm feeding my baby next to someone using a bottle approximately. >> a target spokesperson said they have a policy of allowing women to nurse anywhere in the store. >>> maryland will receive more than $28 million to help provide more children with health care coverage. they're one of 23 states who received the bonus payment for helping improve access to medicaid and the children's health insurance program. this is the second year maryland has received the bonus. >>> a prime piece of roadway in georgetown will soon be up for sale. developers around the country will soon be able to place their bids on this building, the west heating plant near the water front. the federal government decided to sell the building since it has outliv
its assets. pottery born will continue operating stores elsewhere. >>> police in texas have a video that shows a guy stealing a cash register from a restaurant last night. he kept it and kept running even after finding throughout was no cash inside. they are treating this crime as a theft and not a robbery. >>> coming up a bar in georgetown will not be open on new year's eve. >>> the warm winter is terrible for skiing near washington but there is hope. >>> we'll tell you about something in new york called good rid answer day. a lot of women >>> new year's eve won't be the same in georgetown on saturday. a popular bar and nightclub, third edition is closing for five days after being caught serving alcohol to minors. it also faces a type. a message on their website who says they bought advanced tickets for the new year's eve party will be contacted shortly. >>> mothers in the d.c. area protested after a mother in texas says she was treated rudely by employees at a target store for breast-feeding her son in one of the stores. a manager in virginia told us that the company has a policy
. but the texas congressman quickly fired back. >> actually one of the people running for president thinks it's okay for iran to have a nuclear weapon. i don't. >> i think the more iowa yins look at ron paul, the less attractive he'll come. >> they police the world, tell other people how to live. >> a new cnn time orc poll shows paul trailing mitt romney by 3 points while former front runner newt gingrich plunged to fourth place. >>> perry filed an emergency order in federal court today. perry is asking for an injunction to ask the board of elections to include him off the ballot. virginia left him off because he didn't get the required number of signatures in on time. it came one day after he filed a lawsuit over the whole issue. >>> the virginia senate race is now a little less crowded. tim donor announced he will no longer a run for the legislation. it was because of the overwhelming support for the other nomination. >>> well, it has now been one full year since a teenager named phylicia barnes disappeared. police found her body months later. she was from north carolina and today friends a
in the nation presidential contest a. new survey shows texas congressman ron paul leading former massachusetts governor mitt romney 24 to 20%. but that's still within the margin of error. another poll from cnn and time finds romney slightly ahead, 25 to 22%. again, within the margin of error. for congressman paul, one side effect of being viewed as a front runner is that it makes him a prime target for the rest of the republicans. especially on security issues. >> ron paul would be dangerous as a president of the united states. >> one of the people running for president thinks it's okay for iran to have a nuclear weapon. >> you don't have to vote for a candidate who would allow iran to be armed and to wipe out israel. >> hopefully people will start looking at him closer. he's got good ideas on the economy, but a lot of ideas that aren't particularly great ideas on national security. >> meantime, congressman paul was staying on his message. >> people are tired of the wars. they're tired of this economy. they're tired of the federal reserve. they're tired of congress spending a lot of money and
of a texas mother claims she was bullied by workers for nursing her baby in public. and sue thompson explains what mothers are doing to force a change here. >> many nursing moms are not happy how a mother was treated in a texas target store. today in a bay area moms and babies teamed up to send a message to retail giant, target and anyone who would listen. out side of the main doors moms and babies moved in to nurse. >> i thought i'd come here and support. and you know... show that feeding your baby in public is normal and natural. >> many here are upset at what happened miles away at a houston, texas target. a mom claims store workers harassed her for trying to breast feed her baby. >> i am not going to go nurse in a bathroom. would you want to eat your lunch in a bathroom? sitting on a toilet. >> we're unhappy a mom had to go through that anywhere. >> so mothers and babies openly nursed in public to send a message to target corporate head quarter autos we should be able to breast feed in public. there is nothing dirty bit. it's nourishing our children. >> target does have a policy for mom w
. we begin with chief political correspondent carl cameron following texas congressman ron paul today. good evening, carl. >> reporter: hi, shannon. front-runners have come and gone in the race. for months we said in the end it would come down to photo finish at the wire. now the polls suggest about 30 to 40% of iowa caucus goers are undecided and now comes the final sprint to find those who may still change their minds. iowa speedway, ron paul marveled as all the attention he got as front runner heading to the finish line in the presidential caucus. >> i am pleased to be here. this does look like there are more cameras than there used to be. >> reporter: the volatility of the iowa battle between paul and mitt romney is net today's poll. democratic leaning public policy poll has paul leading by 4%. cnn survey says romney leads. paul is second. rick santorum moved to third ahead of newt gingrich. santorum trashed ron paul for downplaying the threat of a nuclear iran. paul cast himself as incorruptible and slams his rivals in a new ad for the final iowa sprint. >> politicians who suppor
at the end of the season to become bowl eligible. tonight's performance against texas in the holiday bowl didn't feel like it was worth the trip. the bears winless against texas in four previous match ups. kenny simply jumps over him to get to maynard here. the bears led 3-0 after a quarter. and they went in front 10-7 in the 3rd. the cal defense doing a good job on the longhorns. the offense kept turning the ball over, 14-10 texas here. as maynard gets sacked again, this time he coughs up the ball, the recovered by adrian phillips. five turnovers for the bears as may in order was sacked six timesment from the 44, goodman cut back, a 47-yard run. it resulted in a touchdown a few minutes later. that put texas in front 47-10. ending the season with a 7-6 record. >>> nice chance tonight for the warriors to make a statement in their third straight home game to start the new nba season. they had to take on the new york knicks with curry sitting this one out with his injured ankle. stoudemire goes baseline on david lee and gets the foul. it was a different story in the 2nd half. a block of stou
for a woman in texas who says she was harassed by target employees while nursing her son and a target store in number of mothers who breastfeed gathered at the store today breast fed their children while in the store all captured on cellphone video >> it is a state right and federal right we want people to realize not try to block anything in front of them not about us is not about our convenience is about the comfort and health of our babies >> target says it does allow breast feeding in its stores even has set-aside areas for mothers to do so a target spokeswoman says what happened at one store in texas should not have happened at >> occupy movement taking aim at presidential politics plan to occupy iowa caucus is next and one good deed turns into opportunity to save several lives in the kidney swap help grant supple strangers together. [ music box plays ] multi-policy discount. paperless discount. paid-in-full discount. [yawning] homeowner's discount. safe driver discount. chipmunk family reunion. someone stole the nuts. squirrel jail. justice! countless discounts. now that's
, cbs news, los angeles >>> straight ahead, your thursday morning weather. >>> and in sports, texas trickery. the longhorns pull a surprise play in the holiday bowl game. paperless discount. paid-in-full discount. [yawning] homeowner's discount. safe driver discount. chipmunk family reunion. someone stole the nuts. squirrel jail. justice! countless discounts. now that's progressive. call or click today. so i used my citi thank you card to pick up some accessories. a new belt. some nylons. and what girl wouldn't need new shoes? we talked about getting a diamond. but with all the thank you points i've been earning... ♪ ...i flew us to the rock i really had in mind. ♪ [ male announcer ] the citi thank you card. earn points you can use for travel on any airline, with no blackout dates. covergirl trublend has skin twin technology. other makeup can sit on the surface of your skin, so it looks but trublend has skin twin technology to actually merge with your skin. you get skin twin coverage that's perfectly true. and you're more perfectly you. [ female announcer ] plus,
with the health problems that took his life. >>> thank you for watching. >> for over a year, austin, texas teen has been cultivating a following on you tube. with the witt of someone far beyond his 18 years. >> do you think this is actually the video? >> this was shared with the world, a personal struggle with a disease that challenge ted him every day of his life. >> this is what they found out, this was the therapy. >> this is the thickening of the heart, making it difficult for the heart to pump blood, the high blood pressure and then heart form. he said he cheated death three times, at age four and then the paramedics that survived him in school. >> i asked him if he was happy he woke up. he said he guessed. he said he was glad to be back with his family, but he wanted to be back in that place. >> then he returned to scene, he passed on christmas morning. his family did not see the video until the following day. the last christmas present to them. >> this is over three quarters of a million views on you tube. >>> what is behind a search? >>> unthinkable, a family shot to death and the text
. >>> from the heart. the inspirational last message from a texas teen that has people around the world listening. >>> and to the moon. tonight, inside the mission being called the biggest since we landed there. being called the biggest since we landed there. "nightly news" begins now. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> good evening. i'm harry smith, in for brian tonight. five days to go and eyiowans cat blink without seeing or bumping into a republican presidential candidate. the candidates are making final arguments before tuesday's caucus claiming they have the record, the values and the right stuff to win next november. chuck todd and peter alexander are in iowa tonight. we begin with peter in mason city. peter, good evening. >> reporter: harry, good evening to you. one sign that mitt romney's campaign is gaining confidence and looking forward to the opportunity to win here in iowa next week is today they announced they will host a party after tuesday night's caucuses and stay overnight to do tv interviews before heading to new hampshire where romney is heavily favore
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